• Cyklon Pepper

    A Polish strain, good amount of heat for cooking but not mouth burning.

    Red slightly curved peppers

    Special $1.99 -33%
    Cyklon Pepper
  • Cardinal Basil

    A beautiful standout in the herb patch.

    Special $1.49 -40%
    Cardinal Basil
  • Big Beef Tomato

    Extra-large, extra-meaty, extra-tasty . .

    This AAS Winner has it all!

    Special $2.36 -20%
    Big Beef Tomato
  • Zinnia Lilliput Mix

    A non-stop bloomer that will continue all summer

    One of the most all time favorites

    Special $1.95 -20%
    Zinnia Lilliput Mix
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Monthly Specials For September

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Strong plants that produce slender, six...

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Ox Heart Tomato

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Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)

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