Purple Double Angel's Trumpet Flower

Purple Double Angel's Trumpet Flower

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A stunningly beautiful garden Datura, having huge double blossoms of an elegant lavender purple color.

The Double Purple produces huge trumpet-like flowers with a white and purple fringed color and a double petal. Amazing blooms and very fragrant during the evening hours!

Description: A short perennial to about 4-6ft. Branches, leaves and stems are tinted purple. The huge flowers can grow to 12". The plant flowers quickly from seed and can bloom in just a few months from planting. The large flowers are followed by circular, warty fruits that dry and pop open to expel seeds. All parts of this plant are toxic and should not be ingested in any form.

Hardiness: Hardy to 20F. Easy to grow as an annual in cold climates, just start seeds early and plant out when temperature warms. Seeds can be saved for the following season.

Growing Environment: Grows best in filtered sun, but will also grow in full sun. Water fairly regularly. Grow in well-drained soil. Plants are very suitable to container culture.

Propagation: By seeds. Seeds usually take several weeks to germinate.

Uses: Grown as an ornamental for its amazing flowers.

Native Range: The Double Purple is a horticultural variety. Wild Datura metel is native to India and southeast Asia.