Fuchsia 4 O'clocks

Fuchsia 4 O'clocks

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Four O'Clocks are everyones favorites. Four O'Clocks got their name because it opens in mid-afternoon. It remains open overnight, and closes in early morning. They will also remain open on cloudy days. They are also noted for their strong, pleasant fragrance! Place near porches, decks or windows, where the intoxicating scent can be best enjoyed.

Native to tropical areas of North and South America. Winter hardy to zone 8, plants will bloom the first season and are grown as annuals in zones 7 and below.

The bushy plants make attractive hedge or border. Because the flowers are open during the evening, we recommend you place them in areas where people will see them in early evening hours.

Deep lime green leaves on a sturdy bushy plant. 

Great choice for a bushy annual border.
Very bright and attractive.
Great for night gardens and super sent.

They are very easy to grow and will take poor soil and summer heat.
24"-30" tall 12-20"wide.

Mirabilis Jalapa