Transvaal Orange-Seeded Morning Glory

Transvaal Orange-Seeded Morning Glory

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This is an extremely rare vining species from Transvaal, South Africa, with lovely lavender 1 1/2" blooms with deep green, deeply divided leaves. The most peculiar aspect is the bright orange fuzzy seeds.

It is useful as either a groundcover or a trellised vine. The seeds have a very hard coat that must be nicked before they are soaked. If they don't swell up the first time, nick and soak them again.

These are annuals, collect bright orange seeds and replant or allow seeds to fall and self-sow for next year! The vines grow 8 to 12 feet with lovely lavender blooms.

I have found they need very little care and yield LOTS AND LOTS of blooms. They grow best in average soil and in full sun.

Easy and fun, even for new gardeners and children.

Pkt: 10 Seeds