Zinnia Lilliput Mix

Zinnia Lilliput Mix

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Lilliput mix is one of the most all time favorite zinnias mixes.

Cute 1-1/2-inch beehive-shaped double flowers in colors of white, yellow, pink, scarlet, purple, orange, and more.

Plants grow 18 inches tall.

They begin blooming early and last all summer. Reach about 1 feet high and make a nice border planting.

A bit shorter than most Zinnias, they can be placed in the front of your flowerbeds so you can enjoy the beautiful colors.

They are very easy to grow from seed, they tolerate drought, grow well in poor soil, and bloom profusely until frost.

Butterflies love them and deer will not eat them!

Lilliput is a non-stop bloomer that will continue all summer.

Great in containers and makes a great border.

Excellent for cutting, as the stems are eight to ten inches long.

Plant in sun or partial shade. Pick the dead blooms off, and they will produce even more buds.

In warmer climates they will re-seed and you'll get another crop the next year!

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