Magenta Sunset Swiss Chard

Magenta Sunset Swiss Chard

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Who says vegetable gardens can't be beautiful too? Magenta Sunset is proof positive that your veggie patch can be as gorgeous as it is nutritious.

Tender, narrow, beautiful magenta colored stock and midrib. Leaves are medium dark green and nearly smooth when young, and slightly savoyed at maturity.

Perfect for scissor harvest as baby leaves, it has a mild earthy flavor that is lovely in salads.

This heat tolerant variety will also tolerate light frost.

Height is 21-24 inches.

Days to Maturity:  28 baby, 55 bunching

Planting season: Late spring to early summer or late summer to early fall

Culinary tips: Use in recipes that use pak choi or spinach. Baby leaves add a mild flavor and lovely color to salads. Sauté, steam or boil mature leaves and stalks.

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