Hyacinth Bean Seeds

Hyacinth Bean Seeds

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Green and wine-colored foliage, purple stems, lilac-rose blossoms and shiny, magenta pods.

Hyacinth vine grows rapidly and tall, up to heights from 10 to 20 feet in one summer.

In midsummer, slightly scented purple flowers stand out and above the foliage on long sprays.
The purple blooms are prolific and will flower until cool weather, but the real color impact comes from the velvety wine-purple 2-3-inch purple pods.

These colorful pods last for many weeks, much longer than the individual flowers. The pods are showy until autumn.

Hyacinth beans are climbing beans and must have a trellis or strong upright support to twine and hold their weight. As a result, they make a good fast and reliable vine for shade or privacy in the summer when grown in a sunny site on an arbor, trellis, fence or on shrubs. All they need is full sun and a well-drained soil.

Perennial in Zones 9-10.

Pkt: 10 Seeds

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