Early Summer Crookneck Summer Squash

Early Summer Crookneck Summer Squash

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One of the oldest varieties of squash, domesticated by Native North Americans before the Pilgrims. Listed as early as 1828 in the seed trade.

Bush type plant considered the best summer squash by many gardeners. Fruits are easy to pick because of a semi-open plant habit and produces lots of low-calorie, versatile fruits.

An old favorite heirloom that is one of the earliest squash on the market which keeps producing all summer long.

Plants produce light-yellow curve-necked fruits with creamy-white flesh, with a good buttery flavor!

Easy to grow and good tasting. Best harvested and eaten young; at maturity the fruits are very ornamental.

This squash is excellent fried, steamed, grilled or baked. Use raw in salads and with dips. Freezes well.

55-60 days. 

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