Eastern Redbud Tree

Eastern Redbud Tree

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The Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) is one of the first trees to flower in the spring. What a welcome sight for you and your neighbors after a long winter.
Large, showy clusters of soft pink to magenta flowers appear in late winter or early spring.

The Eastern Redbuds unique form and shape are highlighted by the blooms as they can grow right out of the trunk and branches. The tree will be truly covered in gorgeous pink to purple blossoms.

Soon after your Redbud blooms, light green, perfectly heart shaped leaves will emerge. This forms the perfect backdrop to enhance the stunning blossoms color.

From summer to fall the leaves transform from a shimmering light green; will darken to a beautiful emerald green and finally turn a bright golden yellow.

* Early bloomer
* Disease resistant
* Low maintanance

Eastern Redbud are native to the eastern and south central United States. Eastern Redbud trees often maturing at 15' tall by 15' wide, but can become twice as large under optimum conditions

Soil Type: Prefers moist, well-drained, deep soils, does well in a variety of soils, full sun or light shade.

Zones: 4 to 9

Stratification Requirement: Seeds have hard, impermeable seedcoats and internal dormancy; scarification in concentrated sulfuric acid for 30 minutes or use sandpaper to nick the seeds, followed by 5 to 8 weeks of cold (35-41 degrees), moist stratification.

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