Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts

Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts

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Originating around the 1890s

Long Island Improved is still the most popular variety even though it is sometimes mistaken for the "Catskill" strain developed by Arthur White of Arkport, NY in 1941.

Long Island Improved is the most common and widely adapted open pollinated Brussel Sprout variety for the home vegetable garden!

Compact plants grow up to 24 inches tall and produce huge amounts of tender, tight heads that average 1 in diameter.

Each little sprout is firm and full of wonderful flavor. Try them roasted with other vegetables, a hearty meat or sausage. You can even leave them in the garden into the winter. Frost actually improves the flavor.

Brassica oleracea

85-110 days.

PK: 150 seeds