Croatian Garlic

Croatian Garlic

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Originates from the island of Croatia. Versatile garlic that can be grown around the U.S. but tolerates cold northern winters well. White bulbs with solid cloves; peel easily.

Good lingering taste, retains flavor well when cooked.

6 Cloves per order.

Zones: 3-9
Planting Depth: Plant individual cloves with the scab end down and the pointed end up, one to two inches deep in well-worked beds.
Spacing: 4" apart in same row. Place 36" between separate rows.
Sun/Shade: Full Sun
When to Plant: Plant 4-6 weeks before frost. Early-mid fall. Will develop in spring. or plant in spring for mid-late summer harvest.
Garlic Type: Hardneck
Plant Height: 18-24" inches

Croatian garlic is shipped from August to May depending on the season. Quantities are limited so order early.