Cowlick Brandywine Tomato

Cowlick Brandywine Tomato

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Mike Henry bought it as a plant in the mid 2000s. It was labeled Brandywine or Pink Brandywine, but outperformed all other strains of Brandywine tomatoes that Mike also grew in the same year.

It was more productive, earlier, tasted better, and produced larger and prettier fruits.

He named it 'Cowlick's Brandywine' after the nursery where he originally purchased the plant.

Mr. Mike Henry shared the seeds with many tomato gardeners in the U.S., Canada, Philippines and Europe, as well as with local nurseries.

Maturity: midseason

Growth habit: indeterminate

Leaf type: potato

Fruit color: pink

Fruit shape: oblate, beefsteak

Fruit type: slicer

Variety type: open-pollinated

Country: USA