Goose Creek Tomato

Goose Creek Tomato

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An heirloom from the early 1800s, from the family of edible landscape expert, Jimmy Williams, owner of Hayground Organic Gardening in California. The story says that the seeds have been passed down through generations since the 1800's when Jimmy's great-great grandmother, a young Caribbean slave, smuggled them with her aboard ship that docked at Charleston near Goose Creek, South Carolina. Jimmy's grandmother, Elouise Watson, shared this precious heirloom with him in the 1950-60s.

There is some controversy about the origins/dating of this tomato, as tomato experts know that there were no 'smooth' tomatoes available in the early 1800s.

Maturity: midseason

Fruit Color: pink,red

Fruit shape: globe

Fruit size: medium

Fruit type: slicer

Leaf type: regular

Variety type: open-pollinated, family heirloom

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