Indian Stripe Tomato

Indian Stripe Tomato

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Absolutely one of the best for flavor and production. Maroon-purple skins with deep green shoulders that form stripes halfway down toward the blossom end. Most fruits are in the 8-12 oz range.

Considered to be a strain of Cherokee Purple. The fruits of Indian Stripe are slightly smaller, lighter in color, and yield more fruits. The original seed came to Carolyn Male (who named this tomato) of NY from Donna Nelson, TX, who found this tomato growing in the garden of Clyde Burson, who has been growing this as long as he can remember.

It is productive, a compact indeterminate plant, fruits are oblate, a bit smaller than 'Cherokee Purple', shoulders not as dark, but color similarly dusky rose with some occasional green striping. Flavor is best when fully ripe.

80 days

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