Roquette Arugula

Roquette Arugula

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Plant this Arugula variety in your herb garden and use its greens to add spicy non-bitter flavor to your salads, sandwiches, and other recipes! Young leaves can be used fresh, and mature leaves can be cooked.

Leaves give a sharp, spicy, pungent, peppery taste. Best used raw in salads and in tomato dishes when the serrated leaves are only two to three inches long. It can be steamed, cooked as a potherb, or sauteed and added to soups. Harvested leaves can be frozen for later use, similar to spinach or other greens. Also try using it instead of basil to make a savory pesto with sweet almonds for pasta or appetizers.

Days to Maturity: 35 days

Sun: Full Sun

Spread: 4 inches

Height: 12-14 inches