Porter Tomato (Charles Herring Strain)

Porter Tomato (Charles Herring Strain)

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Plants are tall, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield large quantities of 3-ounce, plum-shaped, thin-skinned, smooth, dark pink tomatoes with exceptionally sweet flavors.

An old-time drought-resistant favorite in the Southwest.

A good tomato for hot, dry growing conditions. Porter also does well in hot humid areas.

A good choice for a salad tomato, canning, tomato sauces, eating fresh or making tomato juice.

An improved strain of Porter, raised by Mr. Charles Herring of Gatesville, Texas from volunteer Porter plants since the 1970-80s. It had been selected and improved by Mr. Herring for 35-40 years

Reed Baize of Oklahoma, Charles Herring's grandson, acquired the seeds from his grandfather and shared it with many other gardeners via Tomatoville gardening forum and with Dust Bowl Seed in 2012. Reed says that this tomato has shown good resistance to Septoria.

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