Crimson Sweet Watermelon

Crimson Sweet Watermelon

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Vigorous, vines produce 20-25 pound light green fruits with darker green striping.

Deep crimson flesh is firm and fine-textured and bursting with juice and is so sweet.

Resistant to Fusarium wilt and anthracnose.

Quality and reliability make this an excellent variety for gardeners and growers alike

It was bred by Charles V. Hall of Kansas State University at Manhattan as a cross of (Miles x Peacock) x Charleston Gray. After a decade of working on the variety, it was released in 1963. 'Crimson Sweet' was an "All-America Selection" winner in 1964 and quickly became the most popular variety grown throughout the United States.

Days to Maturity: 80 days

Height: 15-24 inches

Sowing Method: Direct Sow/Indoor Sow 

Spread: 6-10 feet