White & Purple Four O'clocks

White & Purple Four O'clocks

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Native to the Peruvian Andes, the plant is now grown worldwide.

The bloom time of four o'clocks is said to correspond to changes in light and temperature, so they open in the cool of the evening, usually between about four and eight p.m., or a bit earlier on cloudy afternoons.

Four o’clocks are easy to grow from seed. Plants get to be two or three feet tall in sunny spots or in part shade, and they bloom from midsummer until frost. In relatively warm-winter climates, four o’clocks will come back every year from tubers that overwinter in the ground. Seedlings can be a nuisance, plants you don’t want are easy to weed out when they’re small.

For the best results, plant four O' clock seeds in an area with full sunlight. Once the last frost is over, the seeds will take 5-10 days to germinate. The soil should be kept moist during this period.

Once the plant has become established, it will prefer dry soil. They require little care in order to grow and bloom. They resist many of the insects and diseases that can harm plants and they need little water. They will thrive and bloom in warm summer evenings.

(Mirabilis jalapa)


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