Trinidad Perfume Pepper

Trinidad Perfume Pepper

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Trinidad Perfume is a wonderful seasoning pepper from Trinidad, It is a seasoning pepper that may look like a typical habanero, but it has no heat.

What it does have is delectable pepper flavor that adds so much to make Caribbean dishes and other dishes really special. It gives off a delicious scent when used in cooking. The flavor is sweet and although mainly used in cooking can be dried for a mild seasoning or made into a mild salsa.

If you have not tasted it you are missing out on a culinary delight!

Plants are very productive and can produce light yellow pendant lantern shaped pods that can get over an inch in diameter. Some pods will even grow little scorpion tails!

The pods mature from green to a bright yellow color.

Plants are tall and extremely prolific. Originally from the Caribbean.

80-90 days

Capsicum chinese

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