Cinnamon Basil

Cinnamon Basil

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Spicy flavor, tasty Mexican variety.

Ocimum basilicum  The distinctive cinnamon flavor and odor of this easy to grow variety makes it a fun herb to try! A good choice for potpourri or tea.

Basil is one of the most popular herbs in the world, and no wonder. The delicious scent, and delightful taste makes this one a must-have in any herb garden. These seeds are the preferred culinary type,

You'll have glossy green leaves on handsome plants--and they're super-easy to grow.

When and Where to Plant: Select a sunny location and sow seed as soon as ground can be worked. For earlier crop start indoors. Makes attractive pot plant.
Care: Keep soil moist.
Harvesting: Cut stem just before flowers open, strip leaves and use fresh, or dry on tray in dark, airy place.
Leaves may be frozen.
Height  2' Annual.