Totem Tomato

Totem Tomato

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If you've longed for big, heavy-bearing tomato plants but simply lack the space, Totem is the variety you've been waiting for!

Just 12 to 18 inches high, it covers itself in big clusters of round sweet cherry tomatoes so profuse you'll wonder what happened to all the foliage!

Totem is a determinate variety, which means that it sets its crop all at once rather than continuing to grow and produce new fruit all season. This keeps its growth to a minimum and its yields very high -- hundreds of tomatoes cover this little plant, right down to the base!
The flavor of this cherry is ultra-sweet, which is unusual for this type. The crimson-skinned fruit is absolutely delectable, and that's good, because you will get LOTS of tomatoes from every plant.

If you prefer to can your tomatoes or use them in salsa and sauce, you will appreciate the single harvest time for the entire crop! Totem never needs staking, and is a very dependable performer in any sunny spot.


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